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20-22 Ducati V4 / V4S / V4 SP Handheld Diagnostic Tool (Stage 1)



2020 DUCATI V4

The Ducati V4 is probably one of the most capable street bikes we have ever tested. Every aspect of this bike is AMAZING. At BT Moto, we take bikes that are already amazing and make them spectacular. The Ducati V4 is no exception. Our work with the Panigale 1299/1199/959/899/848 Handheld Tuner has helped us develop what we consider the best upgrade you can get for your Panigale V4.  We have found the refreshed 2020 V4 has a lot of positive changes, not only visually, but also on the software side. We had to re-develop fuel map strategies from square one. Ignition maps and throttle mapping are also all new for 2020 V4. One of the big complaints for the 18-19 V4 was the twitchy throttle that could make the bike buck in a corner and upset the balance of the turn.  The 2020 has softened those “tip-in” throttle tables to make the V4 much more polite on the street and track. Ducati also added a throttle reduction, even at full-throttle and in “race mode” to limit power delivery. Even with this limit, the bike seems makes better power then previous years. Through months of R&D we have now created custom mapping.

At the moment we have mapping for: stock exhaust, Akrapovic, Arrow and Termignoni (Other mapping is possible based on our best guesses but recommend AFR confirmation post flashing)

What Does Stage 1 Include?

  • Correct fueling on both banks in “Alpha N” mode
  • Raise or lower rev limits
  • Raised torque limiters
  • Raised load limiters
  • Ignition timing adjustments
  • Cooler running engine
  • Better top end
  • Better driveability
  • Speedometer unlocked on certain software versions where BBS is matched.

Anyone that has the Akrapovic or Termi up-maps will say the bike feels a lot more lively than stock. So how does our Stage 1 flash compare? Beta testers and our own R&D reveal a VAST improvement over the stock map and even the up-maps from Termi or Akra.

Why Is This The Best Upgrade You Can Buy?

Currently, there are only two options to flash the V4 and they both require the purchase of a FULL exhaust. Both of those options are mostly just fueling changes and both can be dramatically improved upon. How do we know? We’ve tested both of those options extensively and can say with 100% confidence that our flash is superior in every way. Both of the flash options cannot be purchased independently without the purchase of the exhaust. So what do people that have slip-on exhaust do? There’s nothing they can do at the moment. Our handheld is the only option for people looking for a flash without the purchase of an exhaust.

With or without an exhaust flash, we all know the Ducati V4 is a great bike! We also know it isn’t perfect. Issues that we’ve tested ourselves and what customers have reported include the following:

  • There’s only two flashing options (Termi and Akra provided mapping) and they require you to spend thousands on a new exhaust system to go with them (T800 You can purchase alone but not worth it from our testing). Our product will work on all used system, or used bikes, where you don’t need a VIN specific Up-Map. We are the ONLY stand alone flash option on the market!
  • Stalling for no reason during idle
  • Startup issues when exhaust is installed
  • Issues when exhaust is installed
  • Acceleration that isn’t smooth through the entire RPM range
  • Engine seems to struggle (lurch or jump through RPM range) if too warm
  • Power that seems to level off (flatten) after 10,000 RPM

So What Do We Do About This?

After extensive R&D with our own, in-house, Ducati V4 and select “beta” testers, we can confidently say that we successfully addressed each issue and improved every performance aspect of the V4.

  • No more stalling at idle for no reason
  • No startup issues with exhaust installed
  • Acceleration is now smooth through the entire RPM range
  • Engine performs the same with the engine warm or hot
  • Removing the software throttle restrictions allows the V4 to pull hard to redline. Any wide open throttle pulls after 10,000 RPM and you better hold on tight!


RED = 2020 V4 ALL STOCK, 93 Pump Gas (192WHP, 83WTQ)
BLUE = 2020 V4, BT Moto Stage 1, 93 Pump Gas (205WHP, 90WTQ)
GREEN = 2020 V4, BT Moto Stage 1, MR12 Race Fuel (213WHP, 93WTQ)

V4 Dyno

**All in-house testing performed with 93 octane pump gas. Usage of a lower octane will yield smaller power gains.**

But I Already Have A Flash That Came With My Exhaust. Why Do I Need This?

When you buy an Akrapovic full system you get a map from the dealer to upload. You are not allowed to upload this yourself.  Only a dealer can do this after verifying VIN and purchase. The flash is very basic. Rev limit is increased, AFR (air fuel ratio) is changed to accommodate the new exhaust and the ignition map is altered. Our testing found that there wasn’t really a lot of research done on these changes and MUCH could be improved upon. There’s no available updates or changes (should you decide to upgrade more engine components) and it’s made for pump fuel only.

When you buy a Termignoni full system you get a bluetooth dongle called a “T800”. Unlike the Akrapovic flash, the Termi flash has even less change and is more basic then the Akrapovic. However, you’re able to install the flash yourself. There’s no updates or changes (should you decide to upgrade more engine components) and it’s made for pump fuel only. From the people we spoke with and our own testing, many users reported they are not satisfied with the Termi flash rideability.

**Short exhausts like SC Project, for example, require the use of baffles to maintain good rideability and optimal performance**

Do You Have A Slip-On System? No Support For You!

There is absolutely NO support for ANY slip-on system or any second hand full exhaust system! If you switch systems this can cause a headache and most of the fuel devices or flashes on the market that claim to be in development have all but been abandon.

When you buy any slip on system, including: Akrapovic, SC Project, AR Racing, Arrow, etc. There is NO tuning or flash solution. This means you get an exhaust issues, a 20hp/tq loss down low from lack of fuel (lean!). Fueling is so bad that some riders have gone back to stock. The bike surges and feels like something is wrong (because something IS wrong).

Our handheld tuner allows the user the ability to use a slip-on or full system. We have extensively tested MANY exhaust systems and gathered data on what fueling changes to make. We also accommodate for multiple mod combinations and even different fuels! (91/93/100/MR12). Our Stage 1 flash will make you fall in love with your bike all over again.  See below for AFR mapping infograph.

Accelerating, Stage 1 Ducati V4 Flash



Thoroughly tested by our own engineers, not just for its function but also durability.  We purposefully dropped this thing about 100 times just to make sure if you accidentally dropped it, it would still be a usable device.

So why buy it when you can just send in your ECU for flashing and spend less? Let’s see the breakdown.

NO DOWNTIME – No need to send in your ECU or remove it from your bike at all.  You order the handheld, it get’s delivered to you, you flash your bike.  You never miss a day of riding and no effort removing the ECU.

STORE MULTIPLE MAPS – When you send in your ECU, you only get one map.  You might be thinking, “why would I need more than one map?”.  Storing multiple maps means you’re able to flash for different fuels.  If you’re a serious track competitor, we can work with you to get you different mapping for different tracks.  If, for example, you’re add an exhaust to your stock bike, we can email you a file that takes the new exhaust into account with the changes you need to optimize your bike’s new modifications.

GO BACK TO STOCK ANYTIME – Not only can you store multiple race maps, you can also flash the original, stock file back into the bike at any time and for any reason.


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